We have been a point of reference for mechanical precision machining since 1980.

We have been guaranteeing absolute perfection for industrial grinding and lapping since 1980. Our mission is to give each single part assigned to us the requested degree and type of finish so that it complies exactly to the customer’s project. Our distinguishing asset is our ability to offer precision to one tenth of a micron, a concrete promise that stems from a rigorous and evolved vision based on a virtuous balance between technological excellence and know-how.

Flexible production and punctual deliveries.

Flexibility is one of the special assets that make us competitive. We machine any type of metal, from mild to heat-treated steel, from aluminium to bronze, from brass to titanium. We can handle both large and small orders, simultaneously managing great quantities of mass produced parts and just-in-time orders for a total of over 7 million pieces per year, while strictly respecting delivery requirements at all times.

At the service of sub-contractors and companies.

We offer our skills mainly to sub-contractors of large industrial concerns. We also supply directly to companies, especially to those that use the parts machined by us on production line equipment. Our customer portfolio includes over 400 companies working in many different sectors: from the automotive and motorcycle industry, represented by some important European groups, to the food & beverage, plumbing and heating, automation and plastic sectors all the way down to farm vehicle manufacturers.